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Table 3 Rotated component matrix showing the loading values of each barrier for each component

From: Barriers to accessing health care among undocumented migrants in Sweden - a principal component analysis

Barriers Component 1 Component 2
I was afraid the police would take me when I was at the hospital/clinic 0.867 0.031
I was afraid of all the questions the personnel would ask me 0.662 -0.007
I head about another UM that was rejected 0.407 0.436
I have a bad experience of how staff responded to me on previous occasions 0.097 0.178
I was afraid someone would see me when I seek the clinic and call the police/ migration authorities 0.88 0.189
I became discouraged of another UM experience and what they saw 0.677 0.323
I was afraid to go to the hospital due to the risk of being reported to the Swedish authorities 0.81 0.161
It was too far for me to get there 0.227 0.181
I was afraid the police would take me so I travelled to the informal caregiver 0.575 0.339
I could not afford to pay the healthcare fee 0.393 0.74
I had no one interpreting for me 0.453 0.484
There was no public transport so I could not get there -0.014 0.518
I could not pay the patient fee 0.461 0.479
I thought the waiting times were too long 0.074 0.737
I did not know where I could go to get healthcare 0.434 0.437
I did not feel I needed medical care for this problem -0.003 0.679
I did not think I could seek medical care 0.522 0.208
I did not think care would help me 0.29 0.364
I thought I could handle the problem myself 0.164 0.265
I could not tell my problems 0.337 0.484
I was afraid someone I knew would realise that I was sick 0.111 0.498
I did not think the personnel would keep quite about my ill health in front of others 0.549 0.18