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Table 3 Interventions, adaptations, practices and actions to support health care workers

From: Organisational responses to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on healthcare workers: a qualitative case study from Bogotá, Colombia

Theme category Interventions, adaptations, actions and improvements Type
Organisational level Inter-organisational level
1. Organisational adaptations to retain human resources. A. Implement joint efforts (employer-employees) to maintain jobs as: take holidays and negotiated temporary reducing the staff salary. X  
B. Relocate health workers from out-patient, programmed surgery and other ambulatory services. X  
C. Open and enhance homecare services and telemedicine. X  
D. Allow work from home. X  
E. Contract additional staff to respond to the high volume of patients. X  
2. Actions to improve workers’ physical and mental health, foster motivation, and wellbeing A. Implement on-site drills and biosafety protocols on the proper use of personal protection elements to mitigate the contagion. X  
B. Provide PPE according to their risk exposure. X X
C. Implement in-house psychiatrists to accompany their emergency team as a response to mitigate fear. X  
D. Implement regular refreshment breaks and having collective prayers in COVID-19 areas to support teamwork between the frontline workforce. X  
E. Implement personalized transportation, develop technological tools and advocate to reduce violence and stigma against health workers. X X
3. Actions, and adaptations to enhance workforce knowledge, training, and availability A. Develop partnerships and agreements to expand the availability of general practitioners and specialists in the country.   X
B. Enhance Adaptations and actions to enhance knowledge, skills and competencies related to the management of complex patients in ICU.   X
C. Allow open access to already existing online training libraries.   X
D. Adapt traditional health training.   X
E. Give the students the option of postponing their practices or allow them to continue voluntarily in the hospitals.   X
F. Provide personal protection equipment to students.   X
G. Remove students from all high-risk areas of contagion. X X