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Table 1 Steps of the Developmental Appreciative Navigational Approach (DANA)

From: Designing a system for performance appraisal: balancing physicians’ accountability and professional development



1. Introduction

Build a foundation for a trusting relationship.

2. Confidentiality

Discuss the purpose of the coaching session and explain the procedure.

3. ‘In your element’

Explore the ideal work situation, when the physician is able to work in a way that gives energy and brings out the best in him/her.

4. Desired future development

Explore ambitions and wishes for the future and satisfaction with the current range of duties.

5. Performance feedback data

Recognize a pattern in the personal feedback data.

6. Personal qualities

Name qualities and connect with feedback data.

7. Improvement goal

Identify and develop a plan for improvement; use scale questions to gain insight into motivation and self-efficacy.

8. Document

Jointly reflect on the session and provide a written summary of the content of the session and the development plan discussed.