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Table 4 Summary of participant’s experience of the FTP process

From: Living life in limbo: experiences of healthcare professionals during the HCPC fitness to practice investigation process in the UK

Pseudonym-ID Referred by Referred for Panel referred toa Process length (yrs) Hearings attended Outcomeb
Samuel-01 Employer Competence CCC 2.5 Final, review COP
Steven-02 Employer Conduct CCC 1 None NFA
Amy-03 Self Conduct CCC 2.5 Final NFA
Susan-05 Employer Competence CCC & Health 4 2 Final COP
Lucy-06 Self Conduct ICP 2.5 None NCTA
Laurence-07 Employer Conduct Health 3 Multiple Suspension
Isabel-08 Employer Conduct CCC 2 Interim, final, review COP
Robert-10 Employer Conduct CCC 2 Interim, final Suspension
Esther-11 Service user Conduct ICP 2 None NCTA
Sophie-12 Service user Conduct CCC 3 Final Caution
Donald-13 Self Mental health ICP 1.5 None NCTA
Sandra-14 Employer Conduct CCC 2 Final NFA
Alex-15 Employer Competence CCC 3.5 Final NFA
Ethan-16 Self Conduct CCC 1 Final Caution
Eleanor-18 Self & Employer Competence ICP 2 2 Interim NCTA
  1. aCCC conduct and competence, ICP investigating committee panel
  2. bNFA no further action, COP conditions of practice, NCTA no case to answer