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Table 2 Search strategy for PubMed

From: Gendered experiences of providing informal care for older people: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Population AND Exposure AND Outcome AND Type of Studies
“informal care*” OR “family care*” OR caregiver* OR carer* OR “spousal care*” caregiving OR eldercare OR gerontolog* OR geriatric* OR ageing OR aging OR aged OR seniors gender* OR “gender role*” OR “gender norm*” OR “gender relation*” OR “gender identit*” OR “gender continuum” OR feminin* OR masculin* OR “biological sex” “qualitative research” OR “feminist research” OR phenomenology OR “phenomenological research” OR ethnography OR “action research” OR “grounded theory” OR “ethnographic research” OR “case study research” OR “narrative research” OR “qualitative study”