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Table 1 Illustrative use of the RETREAT framework for this systematic literature review

From: Gendered experiences of providing informal care for older people: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Review Question Qualitative, fixed, descriptive question. Use of the framework Population, Exposure, Outcome (PEO) to formulate the question.
Epistemology Preference of a method less reliant on epistemological considerations
Time/ Timeframe Limited, less than a year
Resources An externally funded project, one author- reviewer with the supervision of three academic staff. Access to the software.
Expertise PhD researcher, one author/−reviewer, need of an accessible form of synthesis
Audience and Purpose Part of a doctoral dissertation, academics but also health professionals and practitioners.
Type(s) of Data An exhaustive search on different databases conducted.
Reporting Standards ENTREQ: Enhancing transparency in reporting the synthesis of qualitative research
Choice of Method Thematic Synthesis