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Table 2 Domains, themes and illustrative quotations

From: Delivering an efficient and effective support group for patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs): patient perspectives of key concerns and predictors of inclination to attend

Domain and theme Frequency Illustrative Quotation
Emotional impact of ICD
 Sense of gratitude, safety and reassurance 42 ‘Massive impact – grateful’.
‘Knowing I have my ICD has given me peace of mind to know I have a life saving device as my guardian angel’.
‘Without doubt it has removed the fear of a fatal heart incident’
 Increased anxiety and sense of vulnerability 15 ‘The reality of having a heart condition is difficult enough, the thought of the ICD shocking me!’
‘It has increased my consciousness of my vulnerability’.
 Adjustment over time 10 ‘At first you notice the weight but now I forgot it is even there’.
‘While after fitting feeling of resenting ICD for a week or two’.
Functional and Role Changes
 Self-identity and role changes 5 ‘Losing my core role, reduction in income and quality of life. Loss of control over my working life’.
‘I feel it has taken part of my freedom away’.
 Improved functioning and quality of life 18 ‘I have improved health and well-being, less breathlessness, less tired, increased energy’.
‘It has improved my general wellbeing’.
‘Improved my stamina. I get tired but not exhausted anymore.’
 Physical discomfort 15 ‘The size of it- BIG. It is still sore and uncomfortable. Restricts my movements and I keep ‘tweaking’ it when I move my arm in certain ways’.
‘My sleep is poor due to discomfort of the ICD’
 Practical adjustments 37 ‘Restriction with enjoying certain activities, i.e. grand-children. Reduces your activity level’.
‘No football, no cricket’.
‘Airports, can’t go through scanning machines, extra time needed to go through.’
 Minimal consequences 63 ‘Hasn’t impacted on my life, got on with life’.
‘I don’t really notice it much (forget it’s in)’
‘I feel no difference.’