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Table 5 Example from codebook related to the four categories of content, process, context, and impact

From: Longitudinal team training program in a Norwegian surgical ward: a qualitative study of nurses’ and physicians’ experiences with implementation

Content Process Context Impact
RN.2.17 The tools are related to strategies used previously but they have not been named before. Ph.2.7. It was useful to spend time together with the nurses during a course day. CNA.3.22 If it gets busy, then the whiteboard meeting is not prioritized. RN.2.21 By using the tools, issues are detected that have not previously been detected.
Ph.2.20 The principles related to systematics are good. RN:2.14 It was very useful to have the information repeated at the refresher course. Ph.3.44 There is much knowledge present within the ward. CNA.2.55. We have become more aware of commenting on each other.
CNA.3.33. Debriefing can form the basis for change. CNA.3.57 To get the knowledge to last, one should have it incorporated so that it becomes routine. RN.2.134 Time is a critical factor in using the program. Ph.3.12 More members may have become aware of their communication using phones, ward rounds, and verbal prescriptions.