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Table 3 Implementation of TeamSTEPPS tools and strategies

From: Longitudinal team training program in a Norwegian surgical ward: a qualitative study of nurses’ and physicians’ experiences with implementation

Time   Tools and strategies Implementation arena
2016 May Closed loop Exchange of critical information
Jun ISBARa Communicating of critical patient information
Aug Briefs Start of every shift
Sept Huddles Redistribution of tasks at patient safety whiteboard meetings
Oct Cross-monitoring Double control by intravenous medication administration
2017 Jan Debriefs Manager with nursing staff, once a week
  Task Assistance Distribution of workload
Feb STEPb Updated in electronic care plan
Mar Two-Challenge Rule When an initial assertive statement is ignored
May I-PASSc Handoffs with focus on patient safety risks
  1. aISBAR Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation
  2. bSTEP Status of the patient, Team members, Environment, Progress towards the goal
  3. cI-PASS Illness severity, Patient summary, Action list, Situation awareness and contingency planning, Synthesis by receiver