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Table 2 The TeamSTEPPS intervention

From: Longitudinal team training program in a Norwegian surgical ward: a qualitative study of nurses’ and physicians’ experiences with implementation

Phase 1) Setting the stage and deciding what to do—assessment and planning Phase 2) Making it happen—training and implementation Phase 3) Making it stick—sustainment
January 2016–April 2016 May 2016–December 2016 January 2017–June 2017
▪ Site assessment.
▪ Short information meetings and a lesson about teamwork and patient safety.
▪ The management decided the ward ready for TeamSTEPPS
▪ A training and implementation plan established.
▪ One-day interprofessional team training course.
▪ All healthcare professionals pointed out patient safety issues and recommend TeamSTEPPS tools to solve them.
▪ A change team established.
▪ An action plan established.
▪ Five TeamSTEPPS tools implemented.
▪ Short-term wins celebrated.
▪ TeamSTEPPS refresher training course.
▪ Implementation continued.
▪ Five new TeamSTEPPS tools implemented.
▪ All initiatives coached, monitored and integrated.
▪ Short-term wins celebrated.
▪ Additional TeamSTEPPS refresher courses.