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Table 3 Crafting Underpinning Principles that responded to the Program Logic Context

From: Co-designing a methodology for workforce development during the personalisation of allied health service funding for people with disability in Australia

Underpinning Principle Rationale and Relation to Theme/s
Pedagogically sound Authentic, quality education experiences are required, situated within the service provision landscape, that appropriately prepare AHP students for future NDIS market needs and service provision
Quality for All Maintains central focus on quality in AHP education as well as service provision, vis a vis major changes in the service landscape and wider industry
Person (Family)-Centred Encapsulates the key intentions of the NDIS, and therefore the driver of service re-design – whether NDIS recipients are enabled to enact choice and control
NDIS Compliant Necessary foundation for service providers to engage with NDIA and NDIS recipients, reflecting the extensive work providers are already undertaking to achieve this
Informed by Evidence Links with concerns regarding the erosion of governance processes; highlights the importance of professional development and collaborative stakeholder engagement