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Table 2 Demographics for the KIIs

From: Community health volunteers challenges and preferred income generating activities for sustainability: a qualitative case study of rural Kilifi, Kenya

Participant Justification
Ministry of health sub-county officials
N = 2
We interviewed Kaloleni and Rabai sub-county ministry of health officials to provide views on policies and future plans on CHVs sustainability. We also wanted to understand what they know and what strategies and measures are in place to enhance the sustainability of the work of CHVs
Ministry of Agriculture-Sub County
N = 2
Considering that the people in Kilifi  area are subsistence farmers, we interviewed agricultural extension officer from Rabai and Kaloleni with specific experience in community extension to provide insights on agriculture-based IGAs appropriate for the Kilifi ecology.
Income Generating Activity Trainer (IGA] – CBO
N = 2
We interviewed IGA from both Kaloleni and Rabai who were conversant with training community based organisation on entrepreneurial activities funded by the government. We hoped that they would share their experience on the potential opportunities and challenges.
Stakeholder/CBO The chairperson of a local CBO group –Upendo in Rabai was interviewed due to his distinct role in local CBOs as well as promoting IGAs.
Stakeholder/CBO A CBO youth leader in Rabai was interviewed based on his experience working with the youth on IGAs.