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Table 2 Items of the help-seeking behavior list and definition of each item

From: What resources do elderly people choose for managing their symptoms? Clarification of rural older people’s choices of help-seeking behaviors in Japan

Category HSB Definition
Lay care Doing nothing No action
Self-care (sleeping, resting, taking a bath) Moderating symptoms by changing usual behaviors
Seeking information Collecting information about symptoms
Consulting family and friends Asking for help from family and friends
Consulting community members Asking for help from community members
Using complementary medicine Using chiropractic treatment or osteopathy
Using home medicine Using medicine that is present in the home
Using OTC drugs Buying OTC drugs in drug stores
Professional care Consulting pharmacists Asking pharmacists for treatment
Consulting primary care physicians Visiting primary care physicians for treatment
Visiting medical institutions other than primary care physicians Visiting medical institutions excluding primary care physicians for treatment
Visiting the emergency room of general hospitals (including calling for an ambulance) Going to emergency rooms of general hospitals for treatment
  1. HSB Help-seeking behavior, OTC Over-the-counter