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Table 3 Emanated Themes, Categories, Codes and respective frequencies, Borena zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia in 2020

From: Exploring community tuberculosis program in the pastoralist setting of Ethiopia: a qualitative study of community health workers’ perspectives in Borena Zone, Oromia Region

Themes Categories Codes (Frequency)
Low Performance Inadequate Case Identification Low number of cases detected (13)
Compromised DOTs Providing drugs for days (6)
  Community Factors Discrimination (4)
   Acceptance to CHWs (8)
   Boarder conflicts (4)
   Distance to referrral health facilities (16)
Contributing Factors   Distance from households to HP (14)
Physical Access Factor Scaterred settlement (12)
  Pastoral livelihood (6)
  Lack of transport facility (5)
  Difficult wheather condition (9)
  Commitment to work (3)
  CHWs related Factors Distant living area (4)
   Work overload (2)
  Direct non medical Cost Transport cost (6)
  Referral HF related Factors Long Lab test turnaround time (4)
  Community Involvement Using Community own structure (8)
Suggested Solutions   
  Outreach services with HCs (2)
Modified Delivery Approach EstabilishTB sputum slide fixing at HP (2)