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Table 1 Interview Guides (Detailed probing questions not included)

From: Exploring community tuberculosis program in the pastoralist setting of Ethiopia: a qualitative study of community health workers’ perspectives in Borena Zone, Oromia Region

1 In general, how do you explain the implementation of the community Tuberculosis program in your catchment area? Please, give us details of the strategies you use to achieve the program objectives.
2 How do you see your performance in achieving the program objectives and plans? Please, explain to me major plans you have and your achievements.
3 We know that early identification of presumptive TB cases, linking them to health facilities for diagnosis and treatment and providing DOTs services at health posts are few of the TB prevention and control program activities. Can you explain achievements in these activities?
4 Now, let’s talk about factors that contributed to your performance in implementing the community TB Program. Tell me what factors affected you to or not to perform well in your activities? I wonder if you can elaborate your ideas by your own experiences!
5 As a community health worker engaged in the program, your suggestions can serve as first hand information for the program improvement. What do you think should be done to improve the community TB program? Please, explain your suggestions indicating who should do what as broadly as possible.