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Table 1 Quality standard items list

From: Quality of maternal and newborn health care in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Input Quality items  
Infrastructure Essential drugs
Functional incinerator on the time of visit. Dexamethasone/betamethasone IV
Functional placenta pit on the time of visit. Methyldopa
Electric power supplies any type. Hydralazine
Water availability in the compound either in the form of pipe water or hand pump. Nifedipine
Equipment/supply Ampicillin (IV)
Newborn corner in the delivery room. Gentamycin (IV)
Baby Weighing scales for Newborns with 50 precision. Metronidazole (IV)
Complete delivery sets (Kidney dish, forceps, gauze swabs, Scissors, pads, cord tie/clips) at least three per facility. Tetracycline (TTC) eye ointment
Towel for baby drying and wrapping Vitamin K
Bulb suction MgSO4
Ambu bag & face masks (neonatal- size 0) Calcium gluconate
Ambu bag & face masks (neonatal- size 1) Oxytocin
Oxygen concentrator/Oxygen cylinder Normal saline/Ringers lactate
Radiant warmer  
Running water at the delivery room.  
Soap at the delivery room.  
Process Quality items  
Clinical care for MNH Complication management
Proportion of deliveries which danger signs assessed on admission (BP measured) Proportion of women with pre-eclampsia who are treated with IV/IM MgS04
Proportion of deliveries which partograph started when cervical dilatation at least 4 cm Proportion of pregnant women with pPRoM who are not in labor and are given oral erythromycin
Proportion of mothers who received 10 IU IV/IM Oxytocin Proportion of Postpartum Hemorrhage cases managed per protocol
Proportion of newborn who had assessment (does the baby need special care and monitoring) – APGAR score Proportion of asphyxiated neonates who were resuscitated (with bag & mask) and survived
Proportion of deliveries (newborns) who received immediate skin to skin and initiate breastfeeding within the 1st hour (measured by mother/baby bonding) Proportion of Sick Young infants treated for sepsis/VSD
Proportion of deliveries (newborns) who received Vit K1 Proportion of low birth weight or premature newborns for whom KMC was initiated after delivery
Proportion of deliveries (newborns) who received Tetracycline Eye Ointment  
Output Quality items  
Proportion of women that received antenatal care four or more times during the current pregnancy Proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel (midwife, nurse, health officer or doctor)
Proportion of pregnant women attending antenatal care clinics tested for syphilis Proportion of births that received post-natal care at least once during the early post-partum period (within 48 h after delivery)