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Table 1 Evaluation index system of health service equity

From: Can health service equity alleviate the health expenditure poverty of Chinese patients? Evidence from the CFPS and China health statistics yearbook

Primary indicators Secondary indicators Abbreviation
Allocation of health resources Hospitals per 1000 population X1
Primary medical and health institutions per 1000 population X2
Professional public health institutions per 1000 population X3
Health technicians per 1000 population X4
Rural doctors and health workers per 1000 population X5
Hospital beds per 1000 population X6
Beds in primary medical institutions per 1000 population X7
Beds in specialized public health institutions per 1000 population X8
Utilization of health services Number of outpatient patients per capita X9
Number of health examinations per capita X10
Number of hospitalizations per capit X11
Annual hospitalization rate of residents X12
Health financing Proportion of government expenditure on health X13
Proportion of social health expenditure X14
Proportion of personal health expenditure X15
Total health expenditure per capita X16
Medical assistance Number of times to participate in medical insurance (be aided) per 1000 population X17
Direct medical assistance per 1000 people X18
Subsidies to participate in medical insurance expenses per 1000 population X19
Direct medical assistance expenditure per 1000 population X20