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Table 2 The algorithm for calculating the proposed metric

From: A model for measuring healthcare accessibility using the behavior of demand: a conditional logit model-based floating catchment area method

Input{Pij for i I, j J, Sj for j J, Di for i I} = Output{Ai, for i I}  
Step 1. Calculate the choice probability, Pij for each demand–supply pair (i, j)
- \( {P}_{ij}=\frac{\exp \left({V}_{ij}\right)}{\sum_{k\in J}\exp \left({V}_{ik}\right)} \) (2)
Step 2. Calculate the supply to potential demand ratio, Rij, by fixing each facility j
- \( {R}_{ij}=\frac{S_j}{\sum_{i\in I}{D}_i{P}_{ij}} \) (3)
Step 3. Sum the ratio, Rij, for each population location i
- \( {A}_i={\sum}_{j\in {J}_i}{R}_{ij}{P}_{ij} \) (4)