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Table 4 Predictors of reasons for non-utilization of respite services during the previous 12 months

From: Who are the beneficiaries and what are the reasons for non-utilization of care respite and support services? A cross-sectional study on family caregivers

Situation for non-use of respite services
N = 432
n (%)
Reason endorsed Reason not endorsed
Predictors Nb n (%)c Predictors Nb n (%)c
No demand 344 (79.6%) →Sometimes/never perceived caregiving as negative to their emotional well-being 402 336 (84%)a →Mostly/always perceived caregiving as negative to their emotional wellbeing 30 8 (27%)a
 →Highly satisfied with their financial situation 261 238 (91%)  →Lived in canton of FR, SG, AG, TI, VD, VS, NE, GE 15 0 (0%)
  →Family caregiver spent less than 52 h/week in caregiving 249 231 (93%)    
Sufficient support by family or friends 94 (21.8%) →Other informal caregiver involved 180 62 (34%) →No other informal caregiver involved 252 32 (13%)a
 →Family caregiver lived in canton of ZH, BE, LU, SZ, NW, GL, ZG, FR, BL, SG, GR, AG, TI, VD, VS, NE 160 62 (39%)  →Family caregiver lived in other cantons than SH, GR, TI, VS, NE 216 20 (9%)
  →Lower personal income (less than 6000 CHF per month) 64 35 (55%)a   →Family caregiver with low satisfaction of interpersonal relationship 156 9 (6%)
Care recipient uncomfortable with strangers/preference of family 53 (12.3%) →Family caregiver spent 30 h/week or more in caregiving 91 28 (31%) →Family caregiver spent less than 30 h/week in caregiving 341 25 (7%)a
 →Lived in canton of LU, SZ, OW, GL, FR, GR, AG, TI, VS, GE 36 20 (56%)a  →Sometimes/never perceived caregiving as negative to their emotional well-being 322 18 (6%)
  →Family caregiver aged 54 years or older 29 20 (69%)   →Family caregiver did not assist in dressing lower body 231 6 (3%)
Too expensive/not covered by insurance
38 (8.8%)
→Low quality of life (“very bad” to “neither good nor bad”) 79 20 (25%) →High quality of life (“good” to “very good”) 353 18 (5%)a
 →Live in canton of LU, SH, SG, AG, GE 18 11 (61%)a    
Not available
13 (3.0%)
   No predictor identified    No predictor identified
Inconvenient schedule
9 (2.1%)
→Family caregiver spent 65 h/week or more in caregiving 21 3 (14%) →Family caregiver spent less than 65 h/week in caregiving 411 6 (1%)a
 →Lived in canton of GL, FR, BL 5 3 (60%)a  →Family caregiver did not live alone 383 3 (1%)
Bad experience with service provider
6 (1.4%)
   No predictor identified    No predictor identified
No trust in service providers
3 (0.7%)
   No predictor identified    No predictor identified
  1. Abbreviations: SCI Spinal cord injury; Cantons were presented in abbreviations
  2. a The predictor significantly predicted the outcome
  3. b N = the total number of participants in the respective nodes
  4. c n = the number of participants who utilized a particular service among the participants in the respective nodes; % = the percentage of utilizing a particular service in the respective nodes