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Table 3 Engagement phase of PROMs collection implementation initiative

From: Electronic health record–integrated approach for collection of patient-reported outcome measures: a retrospective evaluation

Process Key Questions Implementation Considerations Identified Implementation Strategy
Patient PROMs administration and collection How and when will PROMs be collected? Reliance on PROMs collection via clinical encounter: PROMs collection “on every patient, every time”
Reliance on PROMs collection via patient portal: Time series approach with initial questionnaire completion as trigger to automation of subsequent questionnaires over time
PROMs collection via patient portal; questionnaire series
Provider visualization of PROMs How will PROMs be accessed and visualized inside and outside the EHR? Patient-level visualization: flowsheets, review flowsheets, clinical note and/or Synopsis Activity View
Aggregate responses: Epic reporting or Tableau Dashboards
PROMs visualization at the patient level primarily through Synopsis Activity View in Epic
Aggregate responses visualized and tracked via Tableau