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Table 2 Selection phase of PROMs collection implementation initiative

From: Electronic health record–integrated approach for collection of patient-reported outcome measures: a retrospective evaluation

Process Key Questions Implementation Considerations Identified Implementation Strategy
Population How and to whom will PROMs be assigned? Tailored Approach: PROMs anchored to surgical event, patient condition and/or by clinical division
Population-based Approach: PROMs anchored by a singular, common encounter type across the entire department
Population-based approach, PROMs collection anchored by singular, common encounter type: new patient appointment
Outcome Selection What outcomes are providers most interested in collecting? Constructs of physical function, disability, pain, quality of life, and psychosocial disposition Identify measures that capture these outcomes across a diverse group of patients and diagnoses
PROMs Selection What are the candidate PROMs to measure outcomes of interest? Region specific or legacy PROMs: involve the use of PROMs related to specific health conditions or diagnosis
Generic PROMs: Assess specific outcomes and constructs of interest to majority of providers, regardless of clinical division or patient population (surgical and non-surgical)
Generic PROM