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Table 1 Search strategy summary for the scoping review

From: A scoping review of public hospitals autonomy in Iran: from budgetary hospitals to corporate hospitals

Inclusion criteria Publication years 1991–2020
Peer-reviewed publications, gray literature, government reports, reports of consultants, policy documents, unpublished reports
English and Persian language; focused on hospital autonomy in Iran
Exclusion criteria Editorials/commentaries, letters, conference abstracts
Papers focused on privatization or public-private partnerships
PubMed search string (final version) Search (((((((((((((((((“organizational reform”) OR autonomy [Abstract]) OR autonomization [Abstract]) OR autonomisation [Abstract]) OR corporate [Abstract]) OR corporatization [Abstract]) OR corporatisation [Abstract]) OR corporation*[Abstract]) OR decentralization [Abstract]) OR decentralisation [Abstract]) OR board of trustees*[Abstract]) OR board of directors*[Abstract]) AND hospital) AND Iran)))))