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Table 4 Selection of “How Might We…?” (HMW) questions and associated ideas from the design workshop

From: Using human centered design to identify opportunities for reducing inequities in perinatal care

Question Selected Ideas
HMW acknowledge and address interpersonal and systemic racism in our system of care and support? • Peer advocates to help empower women
• More diversity in hiring and teaching
• Listen to me with empathy
HMW help women be the experts in telling their own story? • Pregnant persons interview their provider
• The MD is the consultant
HMW help providers and pregnant persons have transformative experiences? • Recognize women’s expertise [by asking]: “tell me your story”
• Pregnant person decides next visit agenda
HMW we ensure our pregnant persons’ priorities are our priorities? • Meet them where they are ➔ mobile
• One stop shop ➔ wellness village