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Table 5 Quotes corresponding with ‘interaction between PFMT exercises and e-Health’

From: Women’s adoption of a web-based intervention for stress urinary incontinence: a qualitative study

Quotes ‘interaction between PFMT exercises and e-Health’
Q1 “You know you cannot start with the toughest exercises and you don’t know which exercises you should do to gain the best result. I liked the fact that you progressed step-by-step.” (ID 10369, 49 years, moderate, step 6)
Q2 “Quite soon I noticed my muscles became stronger and that is because you start on a low level. In the beginning it was impossible to be hard on myself, because after three seconds contracting, my muscle loosened up. But every next time I thought, I can do this and I could reach a higher level. I really felt the setup with the different levels was very good.” (ID 10272, 65 years, severe, step 8)
Q3 “Interviewer: what was the reason for keeping up your motivation?
Interviewee: I enjoyed it because I was curious towards the new exercises. I think that was a good method, not seeing the whole program from the start. Every time you get something new, making you sort of curious to what is coming.” (ID 10236, 56 years, moderate, step 8)
Q4 “What I mean by a video is, for instance, that you have someone explain it and then show an image of how it’s done, or perhaps someone who demonstrates how to do it, with different lying positions, something like that.” (ID 10285, 23 years, moderate, step 3)
Q5 “At first […] it was hard to discover those muscles. But every time I was reassured by the program: ‘You will be alright, perhaps not immediately but you will soon enough.’ And they were right.” (ID 10326, 71 years, moderate, step 8)
Q6 “At first, I thought am I doing this right? […] But I gradually discovered that I improved, even with the tougher and longer exercises, and that gave me a lot of strength. My own progress gave me the confidence that I was doing it right.” (ID 10363, 48 years, moderate, step 8)
Q7 “I could have continued with steps 2 and 3 much sooner, because I knew how to do it. But I felt it would be pointless to do things too quickly, what would be the benefit of that? […] Even though I can do it in five minutes, it could still be the case that my muscles are not functioning well enough. So staying in one step until I felt I truly mastered it worked well for me.” (ID 10432, 43 years, moderate, step 1)
Q8 “I had to calculate and measure the length of the exercises, I found that complicated. I also use a women fitness app for example, which is super easy because it is counting down.” (ID 10285, 23 years, moderate, step 3)
Q9 “It was a pity that the programme finished, because I remained a bit longer in each step to be sure that I could go on to the next step. Due to this, I was not able to get to step 8.” (ID 10426, 53 years, moderate, step 5)