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Table 4 Quotes corresponding with ‘interaction between users and PFMT exercises’

From: Women’s adoption of a web-based intervention for stress urinary incontinence: a qualitative study

Quotes ‘interaction between users and PFMT exercises’
Q1 “I just do it whenever I get off the train. It’s like a Pavlov reaction, which might sound a bit strange, but it makes it very easy. I don’t need to think about it because I’m doing it again and again” (ID 10262, 53 years, moderate, step 7)
Q2 “I started training again in my holidays, because this way I felt ‘I would not have an excuse for not performing those exercises of ‘Baas over je blaas’ three times a day.” (ID 10330, 57 years, moderate, step 5)
Q3 “Well, if you have a two-year old child and mummy is lying down, then she will start jumping up and down or asking for attention. She just won’t accept that you lie down *laughing*; and so you can’t take a moment’s rest to do it.” (ID 10435, 36 years, slight, step 2)
Q4 Sometimes I only practiced twice a day, because it is hard to combine it with your daily duties. For example, how would my colleagues react if I would lie down on the floor during work?” (ID 10434, 60 years, moderate, step 7)
Q5 … but it’s in my nature. Once I start something, then I am a go-getter.” (ID 10326, 71 years, moderate, step 8)
Q6 “During the first contractions, you’re thinking ‘well, I think I’m doing alright’. But then at a certain point, you’re thinking: ‘I guess I’m contracting my buttocks, or my legs, and I don’t feel anything happening inside’. *Giggling* Well, yeah I really doubted if I was doing the right thing.” (ID 10285, 23 years, moderate, step 3)
Q7 “To me everything was clear because I’d seen a physiotherapist, but without that experience, you know, it is quite an area down there. Then I would think: ‘How should you contract, should you contract in front, should you pull everything inside, how does it work with your rectum, that sort of thing.’” (ID 10292, 58 years, severe, step 2)
Q8 “The reason why I started was my incontincence during a sportclass, which I rarely do, so it did no bother me that much on the long run. Because I was not hindered often, my motivation decreased.” (ID 10435, 36 years, slight, step 2)
Q9 “You feel much better if you don’t have to think about wearing an incontinence pad, or needing to go to the toilet right now, or stuff like that. So that’s what really motivated me, and to be honest I had not expected things to improve this much. So that motivated me to do it.” (ID 10426, 53 years, moderate, step 5)