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Table 3 Quotes corresponding with ‘interaction between users and e-Health’

From: Women’s adoption of a web-based intervention for stress urinary incontinence: a qualitative study

Quotes ‘interaction between users and e-Health’
Q1 “The advantage of the website is that you can do it in your own time and pace, I consider that as a great advantage. You do not have to plan an appointment.” (ID 10411, 49 years, moderate, step 8)
Q2 “Participant: I thought where could I possibly plan this appointment cause I have a child with a handicap, so my days are scheduled in other ways than those of other people. […] So I thought where would I find the time, just can’t do it.” (ID 10432, 43 years, moderate, step 1)
Q3 “I just wanted to see if it is a remedy with a very easy approach […] I try to avoid the medical system as much as possible.” (ID 10262, 53 years, moderate, step 7)
Q4 “I thought I’d start trying to fix this problem through the internet. It is actually similar to a visit with the physiotherapist, when I went there for my shoulder I ended up doing certain exercises independently, without anyone’s help.” (ID 10363, 48 years, moderate, step 8)
Q5 “The background of the website is quiet and not overloaded with colors and text, so it is easy to read, because longer text fragments usually give me trouble.” (ID 10432, 43 years, moderate, step 1)
Q6 “I consider it as an advantage that you can solve this problem yourself, you do not really need help, you only have to follow the steps in this program.” (ID 10326, 71 years, moderate, step 8)
Q7 “I would have liked it if, just briefly, they would have asked some questions, such as ‘how does it go?’, ‘how are you performing in this regard?’ and ‘how do you feel when doing this?’, which helps you finding out if something goes wrong.” (ID 10420, 32 years, severe, step 2)
Q8 “I did not miss face-to-face contact at all […], but what I liked about the program was that they ask you every week ‘where are you in the program?’, ‘how are you doing?’. […] It feels like someone is helping you along, actually. That was really like coaching, like someone who is really involved. I thought that was a real strength.” (ID 10272, 65 years, severe, step 8)
Q9 “For me it would have worked if I had had one telephone consultation a month […] whether in person or by telephone […] If you know ‘someone is going to ask me’, this helps you want to achieve something.” (ID 10265, 45 years, severe, step 2).