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Table 1 Process indicators collected during the 6-month intervention

From: Implementing enhanced patient care to promote patient engagement in HIV care in a rural setting in Kenya

Intervention component Data tool Indicators
Recruitment Recruitment tool Number of clinicians eligible
Number of eligible clinicians consenting to the study
Number of patients eligible
Number of eligible patients consenting to the study
Clinician-patient continuity of relationship Patient tracking tool Number of clinicians
Number of patients recruited for the intervention
Number of patients assigned to the clinics
Number of clinic visits per patients
Number of times patients interacted with their assigned clinics
Treatment Dialogue Patient tracking tool Total number of clinical encounters by patients
Treatment dialogues Total number of patients with a treatment dialogue
Total number of completed treatment dialogue
Time spent during clinical encounter with patient
Clinic schedule Patient tracking tool Total number of scheduled visits
Total number of times patients adhered to their clinic appointment day
Total number of times patients adhered to appointment time
Total number of times clinicians adhered to appointment times