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Table 3 Adjusted time between military separation and VHA linkage among soldiers with chronic pain by treatment a

From: Predictors of Veterans Health Administration utilization and pain persistence among soldiers treated for postdeployment chronic pain in the Military Health System

Treatment in MHS Median time-to-linkage in days (95% CI)
Day supply opioids b
 None 303 (292–315)
 7-day supply 301 (290–312)
 30-day supply 294 (284–305)
Day supply tramadol b
 None 301 (290–313)
 7-day supply 297 (286–308)
 30-day supply 282 (272–293)
Receipt of NPT
 No 331 (317–347)
 Yes 295 (284–306)
Services for mental health issues
 No 355 (339–373)
 Yes 288 (278–299)
Services for substance use issues
 No 301 (290–312)
 Yes 308 (292–326)
  1. ‘Linkage to VHA’ was defined as enrolled and utilized VHA services after separating from the military. Events show the number of soldiers who linked
  2. Abbreviations: VHA Veterans Health Administration, MHS Military Health System, NPT Nonpharmacological Treatment, CI Confidence Interval
  3. a Time to linkage is adjusted for covariates in the Cox proportional hazards model. Data shown are for male non-Hispanic white soldiers with chronic pain who were married, who enlisted, whose index deployment ended in FY08 and who separated from the military for reason of expiration of enlistment. Continuous covariates in the model were set to their median value and other covariates were set to their mean to reflect proportions
  4. b Expressed per year