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Table 3 Best-fitting length of stay values by NHS Regions

From: Importance of patient bed pathways and length of stay differences in predicting COVID-19 hospital bed occupancy in England

Source of LoS values Geography Ward bed LoS (mean) CC bed LoS (mean)
CO-CIN England average 8.78 12.58
Best fit by Region East of England 7.55 9.18
London 6.97 12.64
Midlands 7.36 8.08
North East and Yorkshire 7.58 8.54
North West 8.57 8.09
South East 7.87 8.07
South West 7.85 9.22
England weighted average 7.62 9.31
  1. The England weighted average is the average of fitted LoS values in NHS Regions weighted by the proportion of cumulative England hospitalisations that occurred in each Region. CC critical care