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Table 1 Summary of healthcare CoP studies included in focused literature review

From: Needs assessment for the creation of a community of practice in a community health navigator cohort

Paper Title Members Health care domain Location Methods
Behl et al 2015 [35] The Value of a Learning Community to Support Telepractice for Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss Administrators and clinicians (audiologists) Audiology USA (UT) Initial in-person meeting; monthly 90-min teleconferences (Adobe or traditional), Moodle, Google Docs
Fingrut et al 2018 [23] Building an oncology community of practice to improve cancer care Family physicians, specialists, nurses, allied health professionals Oncology Canada (ON) Meetings, seminars, roundtable discussion
Fung-Kee-Fung et al 2014 [21] Exploring a “community of practice” methodology as a regional platform for large-scale collaboration in cancer surgery—the Ottawa approach Surgeons, oncologists, nurses, social workers, other physicians, public health leaders Oncology Canada (ON) Workshops, regular in-person meetings, video conferences, seminars and presentations, steering committee
David et al 2012 [27] Clinicians’ expectations of Web 2.0 as a mechanism for knowledge transfer of stroke best practices Occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, specialists, speech pathologists, social workers Stroke Care Canada (QC) Web platform (blogs, wikis, podcasts, discussion forums, virtual library)
Wieringa et al 2018 [32] How knowledge is constructed and exchanged in virtual communities of physicians: qualitative study of mindlines online General practitioners Primary Care UK, Norway, Netherlands Web platforms (Facebook, discussion forums)
Tintorer et al 2015 [29] Understanding the discriminant factors that influence the adoption and use of clinical communities of practice: the ECOPIH case Physicians, nurses Primary and Specialist Care Spain Web platform (online discussion forums, social media), cellphone communication
Jeffs et al 2016 [24] Contextualizing learning to improve care using collaborative communities of practices. Nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists Primary and Specialist Care Canada (ON) Learning modules, monthly meetings, symposiums
Hurtubise et al 2016 [28] Virtual knowledge brokering: describing the roles and strategies used by knowledge brokers in a pediatric physiotherapy virtual community of practice Physiotherapists Pediatric Physiotherapy Canada (QC) Private access web-platform (online forum, shared resources and clinical tools, links to documents and web links), 2 1-day workshops
Boucher and MacIntyre 2015 [22] Survey of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Community of Practice: A Pilot Study to Gain Member Input to Help Sustain and Advance the Group Physiotherapists Physiotherapy (Pelvic Health) Canada (AB) Regular in-person meetings, interest in web platform and social media
Cassidy 2011 [34] Online Communities of Practice to Support Collaborative Mental Health Practice in Rural Areas Nurses Primary Care (Rural) USA (TN) Web platform
Francis-Coad et al 2018 [19] Evaluating the impact of a falls prevention community of practice in a residential aged care setting: a realist approach Allied health professionals, care deputy care managers Geriatric Care Australia In-person meetings, emails, electronic discussion boards, posters/checklists
Friberger and Falkman 2013 [30] Collaboration processes, outcomes, challenges and enablers of distributed clinical communities of practice Dentists, pathologists, oral surgeons Oral Medicine (Dentistry and Oral Surgery) Sweden Monthly teleconferences, case submissions via web platform
Hoffmann et al 2011 [20] Evaluating an online occupational therapy community of practice and its role in supporting occupational therapy practice Occupational therapists Occupational Therapy Australia Web platform (online forums, special interest discussions), occasional in-person meetings
Kislov et al 2012 [31] Managing boundaries in primary care service improvement: A developmental approach to communities of practice General practitioners, nurses, practice manager, specialists Primary Care (Chronic Kidney Disease) UK In-person meetings, informal exchanges, quarterly seminars, teleconferences, web platform
Kitto et al 2018 [25] What’s in a name? Tensions between formal and informal communities of practice among regional subspecialty cancer surgeons Surgical oncologists Oncology Canada (ON) In-person meetings, teleconferences, email, websites, conferences, seminars, informal meetings
Kothari et al 2015 [26] Communities of practice for supporting health systems change: a missed opportunity Nurses, dentists Oral Medicine (Geriatric) Canada (ON) Webinars, in-person meetings, newsletters, online forums, online workshops
Murty et al 2012 [33] Using a LISTSERV to Develop a Community of Practice in End-of-Life, Hospice, and Palliative Care Social Work Social workers Social Work (Palliative Care) USA Electronic discussion group (LISTSERV), email