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Table 3 Themes, subthemes, and representative quotes from interviews

From: Adolescent and caregiver attitudes towards telemedicine use in pediatric nephrology

Themes Subthemes Quotes
Consult specific factors In person advantages Comfort factors
- In person visits provide more relief
- Personal comfort
They just give us a little bit more relief because it’s one on one
Ease of describing symptoms Especially for me when you have physical symptoms and stuff like that is easier for doctors to kind of tell what is causing them instead over a camera
Encounters are more personal She's better one on one when she can actually see and touch the person as opposed to on the computer
In person disadvantages Long wait times for appointments When you're at a … pediatric clinic … you sometimes can be waiting for quite some time
Telemedicine advantages Staying close to home If I can have the answers on the comfort of my home and everything is working out so far for me, why not taking advantage of that
Telemedicine calls are just like talking in person It's like you're able to get the same information across. Like it's almost as if it is really face to face, but it's just through screen
Telemedicine is more than a phone call it's not just like a phone call so if he feels like something's off with her or she's not looking like herself he can even see that as well without actually having to be there
Telemedicine disadvantages   
Technical hassles
- Awkward talking through the computer
- Harder for clear communication
- Some delay or disconnect in calls
- Technical issues with telemedicine
It's a bit odd, because there is that little bit of a delay when you're talking to them from when they say something to when we actually kind of hear it
Telemedicine is a little rushed Sometimes it doesn’t last long and sometimes I have questions afterwards I should have ask him, but I couldn’t
Context- specific factors In person advantages Likes a trip I like travelling to London because like we don't travel often, so I like to go there sometimes
  In person disadvantages Travelling is a Hassle
- In person visits are costly
- Travelling wastes time
I cannot fly straight to London. I have to go to London and then go to Toronto and from Toronto to London.
Telemedicine advantages Option relieves stress There's relief for me as a mom, because we do not have a specialist here in town, to have that contact
No dislikes about telemedicine I like, honestly, I like everything about it. I have nothing that I really dislike about it.
   Telemedicine creates convenience
- Easy to travel to telemedicine station
- Telemedicine is on time
- Telemedicine saves time
Well, it’s usually after school, so I would just go right after school and it would only take max about an hour and it would be quick and it won’t really disrupt my day.
Telemedicine is cost-efficient You don't have to go through the process of booking a ticket or spending the money to get the ticket
Telemedicine is safe To me, it's way more comfortable to be here and it's safe because like I say, what is the difference between talking with you on the phone over me seeing you?
Telemedicine disadvantages Frustration with telemedicine It's hard to talk to him because when you talk on the computer, you have to press the button to talk to him
Adolescent takes telemedicine less seriously – parent perception I think sometimes my daughter doesn't think it's as important, by doing the video
Other factors mediating preference Adolescent condition - Hospital in London is more efficient with tests
- Less tests done for telemedicine
- More tests can be done in person
- Prefers tests done in the same hospital
I'll probably get blood work and ultrasound there [in London]. But if it's just like check-ups … we can do here [through telemedicine].
Testing factors
Weather Preference depends on the weather If the weather is good I don’t sometimes mind going out to London … But in the winter or during worse weather I definitely prefer to stay in town and go for the appointment here
Prefers telemedicine    Well, there's almost no comparison it's so much easier doing the Tele-health appointment because it's not two airplanes and organizing our lives because we have two other children.
    It’s so much easier doing the telehealth appointment because it’s not two airplanes and organizing our lives because we have two other children.
Personally, I prefer the telemedicine because just mainly for the reason that it takes hardly any time and I can get back to my everyday life.
Prefers in-person    Honestly, my daughter is so much happier when we're there [in person] and that it's despite the drive
    Person-to-person is still the much preferred option.
I feel like it’s more personal scale. Like I think I understand it better like when I’m in the room with them.