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Table 3 Description of the nine patient interviewees

From: The connected patient project: moving towards a population-based primary health care research registry

Participant Age group Sex Contact choice Permissions choices Long-term condition Online account Social media use
1 50-59 yrs. Women Email YYY Yes Yes/uses Limited
2 50-59 yrs. Man Email YYN No No Limited
3 70 yrs. + Women Email YYY Yes Yes/does not use No
4 70 yrs. + Women Text YYN Yes No No
5 60-69 yrs. Man Letter YNN Yes Yes/uses Limited
6 40-49 yrs. Women Text YYN Yes Yes/does not use No
7 60-69 yrs. Women Email YNN No Yes/does not use No
8 60-69 yrs. Man Email YNN Yes Yes/uses No
9 60-69 yrs. Women Email YNN Yes No Limited