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Table 2 Summary of interview responses to the questions relating to the current status and approach to implementing Patient Blood Management on the national or local level

From: Making patient blood management the new norm(al) as experienced by implementors in diverse countries

  Australia Brazil China Croatia Greece Lebanon Mexico Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea Switzerland Turkey
Stage MATURE; National Policy; Broad uptake INITIATION; Scattered individual leadership ADVANCED; National Drive INITIATION; Specialist society drive INITIATION; National drive through BB INITIATION; individual initiatives INITIATION; national project and coordinator INITIATION; in some hospitals / institutions INITIATION; individual initiatives. ADVANCED; implementa-tion project; strong PBM society INITIATION / ADVANCED; in some hospitals / institutions ADVANCED;
Broad awareness through cross- specialty implementation project
Top Down NBA; States
Legal framework, standards & guidance
Quality certification
N.A. National Health Commission, PBM as part of blood supply & demand strategy MoH informed
Some coordination by specialist society (network)
National BB (with MoH) and in cooperation with hospital managers Original political drive suspended due to political situation National project with Quality certification National interest group, but not much coordination N.A. National drive: collaboration program for pilots, data collection, and setting standards Limited due to strong federal healthcare policy structure EU Project for PBM implement-tation
Bottom up Initially driven by individual leadership and multi-disciplinary teams in hospitals Individual Leadership Clinical champions in leading pilot hospitals Clinical/ de-partmental champions Individual initiatives in some hospitals / institutions Individual initiatives in some hospitals / institutions Coordinated bottom up Introduced in some hospitals / institutions Individual initiatives Individual initiatives in single hospitals over past 10 years Strong in a few leading hospitals based on individual leadership Leading institutions, broad awareness through specialist societies
  1. ‘Mature’ describes a high level of implementation; ‘Advanced’ denotes a strategic, coordinated approach towards general implementation; ‘Initiation’ describes the occurrence of few individual initiatives with low level of coordination
  2. Abbreviations: BB Blood Bank, EU European Union, MoH Ministry of Health, N.A. Not available, NBA National Blood Authority, PBM Patient Blood Management