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Table 2 Core Components of Care Plus

From: Care plus study: a multi-site implementation of early palliative care in routine practice to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital admissions for people with advanced cancer: a study protocol

1. Palliative care is introduced at cancer-type specific key transition points
2. Initial hospital-based palliative care consultation (as inpatient or outpatient), addressing:
• Review of underlying disease management
• Screening for symptom distress
• Screening for psychological distress
• Review of informal community supports, including local community palliative care
• Providing information
• Advance care planning discussions
• Involvement of family carer, including enquiry of concerns and needs of information
3. Regular, prescribed outpatient follow up:
• At minimum monthly for at least 2 months
• At conclusion of the prescribed intervention, a clinical decision is made between the patient and palliative care physician for individualized follow-up beyond standard ‘dose’.
4. Case conference with the general practitioner within 28 days, addressing:
• Current and anticipated problems
• Recommended management and therapies