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Table 2 Topics for facilitated calls and site visit for iHI-FIVES (REP Pre-Implementation Phase)

From: Replicating an effective VA program to train and support family caregivers: a hybrid type III effectiveness-implementation design

Activity Objective Agenda Items
1) Welcome Call (1 h) To understand purpose and components of Function QUERI and iHI-FIVES. • Program goals, core and adaptable components, intended target audience
• Resources needed for implementation
2) Curriculum Call (1 h) To review iHI-FIVES training intervention. • Clinical package and materials, core and adaptable components, delivery model options
3) Recruitment and Documentation Call (1 h) To define iHI-FIVES participant recruitment and tracking documentation process and reporting. • Identifying caregivers for recruitment, tools for documenting program delivery and outcomes
• Discussing site-level processes for providing psychoeducational programs and adapting documentation
4) Marketing Call (1 h) To tailor iHI-FIVES marketing materials and present ideas to increase recruitment and the impact of iHI-FIVES. • Standardized tools and materials for marketing program internally for stakeholder buy-in and externally to Veterans and caregivers
• How to adapt materials for target audiences and developing plans to address potential recruitment barriers
5) Site Visit Planning Call (1 h) To discuss and finalize upcoming site visit activities. • Planning of the upcoming site visit activities, presentations, technical assistance meetings
• Identifying staff for train-the-trainer session
Site Visit (1–2 days) To provide on-site technical assistance to assist with strategic planning, implementation, and potential barriers. • Meet with delivery team, leadership, and internal stakeholders to discuss importance of caregiver support and the implications of iHI-FIVES to their site
• Tour training facility.
• Rapport and relationship building
• Conduct train-the-trainer session on curriculum
• Strategize and problem solve identified barriers or obstacles to successful launch
Optional Pre-Launch Call (30 min) To provide technical assistance around any barriers to program launch • Discuss barriers and potential solutions to program launch (e.g., recruitment, space, etc.)