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Table 4 Summary results of an exploratory factor analysis of the COVID-19 questionnaire. Factor loadings less than 0.40 are not presented (N = 1237)

From: Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dental health personnel in Norway

  Factor loadings rotated
  COVID-19 Item Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4
COVID-19 makes me:     
Factor 1
Dream that my family or my colleagues are infected 0.43    
Fear that I will end up in quarantine or be forced to limit my activities 0.44    
Worry about increased work pressure 0.46    
Feeling discriminated against by others 0.48    
Worry about whether my family or friends will keep me at a distance because of my job responsibilities 0.65    
Factor 2
Fear that I will be infected   0.49   
Fear that I will infect others   0.50   
Worry about whether my family will be infected   0.63   
Worry about having to work with Covid-19 patients   0.43   
Worry about other health problems in my family members   0.65   
Factor 3
Loss of control
Feel that life is threatening    −0.88  
Feel that I have lost control of my life    −0.74  
Think of death / to die    −0.67  
Factor 4
Feel insecure about whether I have been infected or not     0.63
Feel that the virus is very close to me and that it can invade my body at any time     0.45
  Eigenvalues 6.64 1.49 1.20 1.003
Percent (%) of variance 36.89 8.25 6.65 5.57
Cronbach’s Alpha (α) 0.70 0.78 0.82 0.70