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Table 3 Frequency distributions of dental personnel (dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants) responding “agree” and “strongly agree” to the COVID-19 questionnaire items

From: Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dental health personnel in Norway

COVID-19 Item Worked clinically with patients
n = 727
n = 510
COVID-19 makes me: %
agree/strongly agree
agree/strongly agree
Fear that I will be infected 72,2 71,4
Fear that I will infect others 87,2 82,9
Feel insecure about whether I have been infected or not* 56,9 49,4
Feel that the virus is very close to me and that it can invade my body at any time 24,2 22,9
Feel very insecure 30,7 37,3
Feel that life is threatening 9,8 9,4
Feel that I have lost control of my life 8,9 8,0
Think of death / to die 11,7 10,0
Feel that the virus will get out of control and spread continuously 33,1 32,7
Worry about whether my family will be infected 77,7 75,7
Dream that my family or my colleagues are infected* 18,8 12,5
Fear that I will end up in quarantine or be forced to limit my activities 43,3 39,0
Worry about increased work pressure 43,9 44,7
Feeling discriminated against by others 6,7 6,3
Worry about whether my family or friends will keep me at a distance because of my job responsibilities 21,3 23,3
Worry about having to work with Covid-19 patients 44,3 45,7
Worry about other health problems in myself 27,6 32,9
Worry about other health problems in my family members* 61,1 59,0
  1. *p < 0.05 differences between dental professionals working and not working clinically with patients in the lock-down period