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Table 6 Problems selected by health professionals when providing the HHCSs (multiple choice, N = 224)

From: Comparison of the caregivers’ and community health professionals’ views on home health care services for disabled older adults: a cross-sectional study in Beijing, China

Problems Total N (%)
Health professionals’ personal safety cannot be guaranteed 151 (67.4)
Lack of health professionals 130 (58.0)
Lack of laws and regulations 103 (46.0)
The medical risk 91 (40.6)
Low charge for HHCSs does not reflect the work value 78 (34.8)
Lack of operational standards 70 (31.3)
Lack of necessary equipment for travelling, diagnosing and recording 26 (11.6)
Lack of incentive mechanism 18 (8.0)
Waste of medical resources 7 (3.1)