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Table 2 Comparison of Characteristics for Decreased Use and De-adoption within Seven Full-Spectrum Knowledge Translation Theories, Models, Frameworks (KT TMFs) that received ≥50% agreement (yes/partially yes)

From: Characteristics of knowledge translation theories, models and frameworks for health technology reassessment: expert perspectives through a qualitative exploration

KT TMF/Characteristics Consolidated Framework for Research Implementation Knowledge to Action Framework Quality Implementation Framework Healthcare Improvement Collaborative Model Diffusion of Innovations Co-KT framework Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle
Reference Damschroder, 2009 Graham, 2006 Meyers, 2012 Edward, 2017 Rogers, 3rd Edition, 1983 Kitson, 2013 Deming, 1986
 High Usability  
 Ability to apply to micro, meso, macro levels        
 Positive Levers of Change   
 Neutral Levers of Change   
 Negative Levers of Change   
 Build the case (for HTR)
 Adapt research knowledge
 Assess context
 Select, Implement, and tailor interventions
 Assess impact
 Total # of characteristics 11 10 10 10 9 8 7