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Table 3 Implementation indicator results

From: MSF experiences of providing multidisciplinary primary level NCD care for Syrian refugees and the host population in Jordan: an implementation study guided by the RE-AIM framework

  Result or comment
Process Indicators
 % HTN patients with annual FBG performed Not available (not calculated)
 % DM patientsa with annual eye check performed Annualb fundoscopy documented OR referred for retinal screening = 50.8%
 % of DM patientsa with micro-albuminuria or urinary protein tested Annualb Albumin creatinine ratio checked in 83.8%
 % of DM patientsa on ACE inhibitor with creatinine checked Annualb creatinine check in 98.5%
 % of active cohort with health education session at last clinical visit 66.9%c
 Number of MHPSS group sessions monthly Average 5.5 per month in 2016 and 2017
 % of referred patients attending MHPSS individual counselling Not available as number of internal MHPSS referrals was not captured
 Number/% of follow-up consultations performed by nurses 6% in 2017
  1. Key: ACE angiotensin-converting enzyme, FBG fasting blood glucose, HTN hypertension, MHPSS mental health and psychosocial support
  2. aAmong 130 randomly selected diabetic patients’ charts analysed for the clinical audit.
  3. bAnnual referred to the 12 months preceding their most recent appointment.
  4. cAmong patients active in 2017 (n = 4011)