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Table 1 The L1 statistic before and after coarsened exact matching method (CEM)

From: Rural and urban differences in patient experience in China: a coarsened exact matching study from the perspective of residents

Variables Before Matching (N = 9604) After Matching (N = 3372)
L1(mean) L1(mean)
Age 0.110(− 0.152) 1.7e-15 (3.3e-15)
Gender 0.022(0.022) 3.4e-15 (2.4e-15)
Education status 0.334(0.557) 2.4e-15 (− 6.7e-15)
Marital status 0.059(−0.059) 4.4e-16 (2.2e-16)
Social status 0.098(0.357) 1.2e-15(2.0e-14)
Region 0.325(−0.497) 9.2e-16(1.4e-14)
Personal income 0.070(0.013) 4.2e-16(4.4e-15)
Family economic status 0.059(0.106) 1.8e-15(−2.9e-15)
Medical insurance 0.023(−0.023) 9.5e-18(0)
Self-rated health status 0.107(0.192) 6.7e-16(8.0e-15)
Multivariate L1 0.771 6.504e-16
  1. Note: The mean is labeled in parentheses and reports the difference in means