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Table 3 Summary of what parents and children dislike about the I-MOVE system

From: A concept mobility device with multi-positional configurations and child-kind restraint for safe perioperative transfer and induction of anaesthesia in children with autistic spectrum disorder – a cross sectional study

What parents did not like
1. None (n = 5).
2. Restrain (n = 9). (a) mechanism of the seat belt buckle (n = 4) (b) design of overhead chest restraint (n = 3). Inadequate restraint (n = 2).
Input include ‘seat belt not easy to ‘lock and unlock’, ‘place the seat belt buckle at the back so that the child could not unbuckle themselves’, use a ‘4 points seat-belt’, use ‘auto lock over-head chest restraint’, ‘overhead restraint looks intimidating, may get in the way of tall child’. Add ‘more restraints, such as seat belt around the leg.
3. Colour (n = 6). The current colours (black and red) may not appeal to all children.
Input include ‘red colour may appear dangerous and intimidating’. ‘colours may not be appealing for girls.’ use 'calming' colours (like blue), dim shades of colour or more cheerful and happy colours’.
4. Motor Sound (n = 4).
5. Comfort (n = 3) relating to the seat cushion.
‘The head pillow was at a fixed position and could not be removed for more comfort’. ‘Not sure if the pillow is comfortable”
6. Others (n = 2). ‘Device appears too attractive that the child may think it is a computer game chair and is expecting to have some sort of game play’. ‘The bucket seat appears to be like a race car, too fast too furious’.
What children did not like
1. None (n = 6)
2. Seat belt restraint (n = 6). Concern include hard to apply, uncomfortable and tight for the bigger childa.
3. Colour of the chair seat (n = 2).
‘Red is too bright’. ‘Suggest black’, ‘Colour is a bit fierce’
4. Motor Sound (n = 2).
5. Size (n = 3).
‘The device is big and the head pillow is too high (9, 11 years old children)
6. Movement (n = 2).
Concern that children may find it ‘scary’ when chair moves up for those fearful of height’ and ‘if they think that no one is controlling the chair.
  1. aDespite the seat belt being adjustable, children find it hard to do so