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Table 1 Characteristics of study participants

From: What would ‘upscaling’ involve? A qualitative study of international variation in stroke rehabilitation

Participant Profession World Region and income of country (GNI per capita)a Years of experience Local work setting
Dr. David Alexander Neurologist USA (North America)
$62, 850
35 Inpatient and outpatient
Gabriele Eckhardt PT Germany (Europe)
High income: $47, 180
35 Outpatient rehabilitation center
Participant 7 PT United Kingdom (Europe-UK)
High income: $41, 340
5–10b Inpatient and acute hospital setting
Participant 12 SLT United Arab Emirates (Middle East)
High-income: $41, 010
5–10b Rehabilitation center
Participant 2 OT New Zealand (East Asia and Pacific)
High-income: $40, 820
10–15b Inpatient hospital setting
Dr. Ali Yavuz Karahan Physiatrist (PRM physician) Turkey (Europe)
Upper middle- income:
$10, 380
10 University hospital- inpatient and outpatient setting
Dr. Vanessa Seijas PRM Physician Colombia (South America)
Upper middle-income: $6190
5 Inpatient and outpatient setting
Bui Thi Huong PT and OT Vietnam (East Asia)
Lower middle-income: $2, 400
9 Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospital setting
Dr. Abena Tannor PRM physician Ghana (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Lower middle-income: $2130
8 Inpatient and outpatient hospital setting
Dr. Farooq Rathore PRM physician Pakistan (South Asia) Lower middle-income: $1, 580 10 Inpatient and outpatient setting
Roshan Kumar Bishwakarma PT Nepal (South Asia) Low-income: $960 7 Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation center
Ismalia Kebbie PT Sierra Leone (Sub-Saharan Africa) Low income: $500 9 Inpatient and outpatient hospital setting
  1. Abbreviations: GNI Gross National Income, OT occupational therapy, PRM Physical and rehabilitation medicine, PT physiotherapy/physical therapy, SLT Speech and language therapy, SW Social Worker
  2. aGNI per capita are from the 2017 or 2018 fiscal year dependent on updated information, presented in US dollars, and reported based on the World Bank Atlas method for calculating GNI, plus for categorizing countries as low, lower-middle, upper-middle, and high income [7, 12]
  3. bWithin the data a range of years of work experience has been included to protect participant anonymity
  4. Reference [7, 12]