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Table 2 Frequency of use of each operational definition of Safety Net Hospital (SNH) and corresponding thematic categories among included articles published 2009–2018

From: Defining safety net hospitals in the health services research literature: a systematic review and critical appraisal

  Operational Definition of SNH Frequency of use Thematic Categoriesa
Medicaid caseload Uncompensated care Facility characteristics DSH payments Patient case mix
1 DSH payment index (top quartile/top 20%). 7     X  
2 Medicaid and Uninsured Inpatient Discharges (top quartile) 5 X X    
3 Medicaid Inpatient Discharges (one standard deviation above the state median/mean). 4 X     
4 Medicaid Inpatient Discharges (one standard deviation above state mean) OR Non-Federal Government Hospitals (Public Hospitals). 3 X   X   
5 AHRQ SES Index. 1      X
6 The ratio of bad debt plus charity care (top decile) OR uncompensated care expenses 1   X    
7 Teaching COTH Member OR Non-Federal Government (Public Hospitals). 1    X   
8 Medicaid Inpatient Discharges (top quartile) OR DSH status (y/n) OR proportion of charges for charity care. 1 X X   X  
9 Percentage of patients eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 1      X
10 Non-Federal Government Hospitals (Public Hospitals) 1    X   
11 Medicare uncompensated care burden (top quartile) 1   X    
  Total 26 4 4 3 2 2
  1. aadapted from McHugh, 2009