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Table 4 Change in care capacity and quality assuming maximum SC administration efficiency and use

From: Impact of the subcutaneous formulations of trastuzumab and rituximab on efficiency and resource optimization in Spanish hospitals: H-Excelencia study

Parameter Percent change in parameter
Capacity of the hematology/oncology cancer treatment unit or day-stay hospital
 1. Increase in treatments administered at the cancer treatment unit due to conversion from IV to SC + 5.75%
 2. Increase in treatments administered due to rituximab premedication being administered in the waiting room + 0.40%
 3. Increase in treatments that can be prepared and administered at the reference hospital because patients receiving SC can be treated at hospitals closer to their homes + 2.80%
 4. Increase in treatments that can be prepared in the laminar flow hood at the hospital pharmacy:
  a. Due to conversion of IV to SC formulation + 12.16%
  b. Due to preparation of SC formulations at the cancer treatment unit + 14.10%
 1. Reduction in time spent in hospital:
  a. For trastuzumab treatment −60%
  b. For rituximab treatment −66%
2. Improvement in caregiver’s and/or patient’s work productivity + 32.5%
  1. IV intravenous, SC subcutaneous