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Table 2 Utility values

From: The cost-effectiveness of Cochlear implants in Swedish adults

Health state Utility Reference
Severe and profound hearing loss prior to a cochlear implant
Eligible CI candidates1 0.450 [42]
Utility decrement from population utility norms for persons with severe and profound hearing loss
Eligible candidates 0.391 Calculated by subtracting the HUI3 utility score of having no cochlear intervention from the Canadian HUI3 population utility norm for people 61 years of age.
Utility increment associated with receiving a unilateral cochlear implant
Eligible candidates 0.210 [42]
  1. Note: 1. Patients for whom previous hearing aid use provided some benefit. Utility scores were for Swedish patients with an average age of 71 years, one year-post implantation and the model assumed these values to be similar for patients aged 61 years. Abbreviation: CI – cochlear implant