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Table 5 CMS regions with state expansion status, Medicaid beneficiary counts, % increases and UDSMR sample distributions

From: Inpatient rehabilitation service utilization and outcomes under US ACA Medicaid expansion

  1. The effective date of expansion is January 1, 2014 unless otherwise noted in parenthesis
  2. States WITHOUT Medicaid expansion as of January 1, 2016 are marked in Red
  3. States with EARLY Medicaid expansion before January 1, 2014 are marked in Blue
  4. Note: Expansion regions showed higher percentage increases in Medicaid enrollments than non-expansion regions. Expansion region 01, 02 and 03 had lower percentage increases than other expansion regions since some states had early expansions before 2014 (e.g., New York) and/or some populous states with late expansion after 2016 (e.g., Virginia)
  5. * means the state is approved with Section 1115 waivers