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Table 1 Interview tool

From: Business models for primary health care delivery in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping study of nine social entrepreneurs

Topic Interview questions
Medical process Can you describe the range of services provided by your organization?
What are the most common services that patients are coming in for?
How do you keep track of the health outcomes of your patients?
Business process Can you describe the marketing strategies your organization employs?
How does your organization maintain financial sustainability?
How many funding sources you have today, and what is the main one?
How did your organization first receive its initial funding?
Social impact What does social impact mean to your organization?
How does your organization measure social impact?
How does your organization identify and assist low income patients?
Do you collaborate with the public sector, if yes, how?
Organizational impact How long has your organization been in operation?
What were the key factors to your organization’s survival and growth?
How far-reaching has your organization been in terms of people and geography?
Has your business model been able to be replicated elsewhere?