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Table 2 Existing and required elements within each subdomain of the political, epidemiological, and geographical domains

From: Context matters when implementing patient centred rehabilitation models for persons with cognitive impairment: a case study

Domains Sub-Domains Key Elements
1. Political 1.1. Teamwork: Everyone needs to be on the same page Existing Elements Required Elements
a. Weekly team rounds
b. Effective teamwork
c. Role clarity
d. Consistent interdisciplinary approach
1.2. Facilitation: A strategy for change a. Facilitation through provision of education b. A dedicated facilitator for implementation
1.3. Resources:
Quality and quantity matter
a. Adequate staffing b. Staffing complement to match patient care needs
c. Equitable access to capacity building opportunities
1.4. Communication: Effective information sharing to enhance care delivery a. Written documentation (goal posters, care plans, whiteboards) b. An increase in face-to-face interactions
1.5. Preparedness for change: At all levels a. Positive staff attitude to new initiatives b. Organizational leadership to create a vision and an action plan at the facility level
2. Epidemiological 2.1. Caring for persons with cognitive impairment: It’s not one size fits all a. Use of specific models of care
b. Family involvement
c. Incorporating routine and familiarity into processes of care
d. An individualized care approach
3. Geographical 3.1. Physical layout: Impact of design on care delivery a. Leveraging the physical environment to incorporate therapy activities b. Re-designing the unit’s workspace to support staff collaboration