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Table 2 Qualitative analysis of rewards and difficulties of parenting an adolescent (N = 104)

From: How can healthcare professionals provide guidance and support to parents of adolescents? Results from a primary care-based study

Rewards of Parenting
Key Concept n % Representative Quote
Adolescent Accomplishments and Personality Characteristics 71 68.2 “He′s all around an awesome kid (smart, calm, incredible sense of humor, amazingly loving and caring). Loves looking over his little brother. I love him to death.”
“She’s a wonderful daughter. She always does her homework. Hangs outside. Is always studying and reading.”
Parenting Benefits 29 27.8 “His rewards that he gets (great student, respectful, smart). Helps me know I’m doing a good job”.
“Being able to see my child happy and growing up.”
Friendship and Communication 19 18.2 “Well, I like the fact that we have a pretty good relationship. He talks to me easy enough, so the rewarding part is just watching him light up.”
“The most rewarding part of parenting I would say, maybe, just hanging out with him.”
Nothing/ I Don’t Know 2 1.9 “There is no reward at the moment. The reward will be when she becomes a successful adult.”
“I don’t know.”
Difficulties of Parenting
 Behavioral Issues 38 36.5 “Trying to get him to do the things he is supposed to do. Example, clean up his room.”
“Sometimes they get to that age where they think they know everything.”
 Managing Teen Through Transition Years 24 23.1 “Teenage emotions, hormonal changes, being able to learn how to handle that.”
“Just the teenage years. Changing of her friends and becoming her own individual person.”
 Communication Issues And Difficult Conversations 18 17.3 “Having to explain the real-world things (suicide, sex, drugs). I’d rather be up front and talk to her in person, rather than her use another source like the internet.”
“Her frustrations. She won’t communicate with me about them.”
 Managing parental responsibilities 15 14.4 “Hm. Probably going through the pre-teen years. Finances, being able to afford the things a teen needs. Financial responsibilities of being a parent.”
“Well, the most difficult part has been making sure he goes to school each day.”
 Mental Health 10 9.6 “Problems with anxiety and panic attacks. It is painful and hard to help him manage and figure out what to do. Don’t like seeing him in pain.”
“Lately he’s been depressed because he misses his dad.”
 No difficulties 10 9.6 “I don’t know. He’s a good kid. Nothing difficult.”
“Nothing. She’s easy to get along with.”